wind turbine project coxs bazar

Project Details

The commercial operation of the wind power plant is expected to begin by December 2022, initially starting with two windmills. Another 20 windmills will be commissioned over a period of time. For the base foundation of the wind power plant project, we were employed by the EPC contractor, PowerChina, to deliver concrete from concrete mixer trucks to the site. With latest Putzmeister 1407 concrete pump using around 76 meters pipe, we filled the foundation at 50 cubic meter per hour. A total of 500 man-hour was dedicated, despite the monsoon season, to have the power plant go in to commercial production by end of the year 2022.

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1 Aug, 2022



wind turbine coxs bazar

Project Details


Experts suggest, the country has the potential for large-scale wind power plants with a capacity of more than 1,000MW. Cox’s Bazar is the best location to have a Wind Mill, which has a constant flow of wind throughout the year. For any nation, renewable energy is one of the best sources of energy security and environment-friendly. The Wind mill project is located in Kurushkhul, Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh. The wind farm standing at 60 MW each, makes it among the largest onshore wind power plants in South Asia. 

The Project is implemented by US-DK Green Energy (BD) Limited. The cost of the project is around Taka 900 crore or, around US$ 100 million and financed by China’s State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC). The Turbines are manufactured by China’s Envision Energy Ltd. and 2 set of turbine has already arrived in July 2022. Each of the wind mill be of 110 meter height and has capacity to produce up to 2.7 MW of electricity. 

The EPC Contractor of the project in a subsidiary of PowerChina (or commonly known as Sinohydro Corporation). 

World Scenario of Wind Power Plant 

Wind power is the most renewable source of electricity in the world. The global capacity of wind power plants has reached 200 GW at present, and this figure is expected to increase by about 25% annually over the next decade. With rising demand for green energy due to climate change mitigation efforts and growing awareness about its viability as an alternative energy source, wind energy is expected to fill a significant role in future generation capacity requirements of countries across the globe. 

The World Scenario of Wind Power Plant (WSOP) projects that global installed capacity will grow from around 100 GW today to around 300 GW by 2030 with an average annual growth rate of 15%. This rate could be even higher if we consider projections made by various organizations like Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). 


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